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Choosing the right leaders is crucial to the long-term success of any business. We specialise in identifying and attracting the leaders who are the best fit for your organisation and who will drive your organisation's strategic vision and growth. We understand that every search process is a decision that can have a big impact in the future of the company.

Several aspects are particularly relevant in this type of search:


We strive to thoroughly understand our client's culture, values and strategic objectives. This ensures the alignment of the new manager with the organisation's vision and mission.

We help to clearly define the profile of the manager being sought, including skills, experience, values and leadership style. This provides a solid guide for the search and assessment carried out by us.

We have an extensive network of contacts and broad access to executive talent. This allows us to identify potential candidates who may fit the client's specific requirements.

We conduct a rigorous process that goes beyond CV review. It includes in-depth interviews, skills assessments and psychometric testing (if necessary) to ensure the candidate's suitability.

We provide strategic advice to our client. This involves providing information and insights on market trends, talent availability and compensation strategies.

We efficiently manage the entire search process, from the identification of candidates to the successful incorporation of the new manager. Constant communication with the client is key for us.

We maintain confidentiality at all stages of the process. This is crucial to preserve the reputation of both the candidate and the company.

We are adaptable and flexible in our approach, as needs and circumstances may evolve during the search process.

We follow up after the onboarding to ensure that the transition of the new manager is successful and that there is an effective integration into the new business environment.

In short, we focus our efforts on a thorough understanding, a rigorous process and close collaboration with our client to ensure a successful search.

We understand the importance of middle management in any organisation. We carry out our selection processes with the meticulousness necessary to ensure candidates with the experience and skills required for each of your departments.

We immerse ourselves in a thorough understanding of the specific needs of your company. We analyse not only the technical skills needed, but also the environment in which the candidate will operate: company culture, values, and all the relevant information that will make the selection process successful.

We conduct a rigorous recruitment process that goes beyond technical skills to address interpersonal and leadership skills. Our goal is to ensure a seamless integration of the candidate so that he or she meets current expectations, and is also prepared for the company's future challenges.

Our focus is on finding middle managers who excel in cross-departmental collaboration, fostering a harmonious and results-oriented work environment. We value the ability of these professionals to effectively manage teams, motivate team members (if any) and contribute to the achievement of organisational goals and objectives.

We are looking for candidates who are not only goal-setters, but also have a proven track record of achievement and significant contributions to the companies where they have previously worked.

We remain in constant contact with our client and the candidates, so that both are kept informed at all times of the different stages of the selection process and its progress.

We maintain confidentiality at all stages of the process, both for the candidate and the client.

We know that during a recruitment process, unforeseen events arise, as we work with people. We adapt to changes, always with the goal in mind: to find the most suitable candidate for the job.

We carry out a follow-up after the incorporation of the candidate, to check that the necessary fit has taken place so that everything works properly.

We know that career changes can be challenging for both employees and companies. Often, when facing a career change, we find ourselves lost, with a "maze-like feeling", without having a clear idea about the steps we need to take, or in what order to take them.

Our Career Transition Programme is designed to provide comprehensive support during these transitional periods, ensuring a positive experience for all involved.

What Does Our Programme Offer?

Each transition is unique. NATIONS GROUP provides personalised advice. From career planning to identifying opportunities, we are here to guide each individual on their career path. It is tailor-made program : we adapt to your needs 100%.

We help you to define what you want to do from a professional point of view, assessing the different existing options in a realistic, reasonable and practical way: working as an employee or setting up your own company or business as an independent professional. We are aware of the importance of having someone to listen to you and advise you when you want to make a change in your professional activity, either to continue in the same line of activity or to make a drastic change in your career path.

We help you create effective career tools, from creating a CV that highlights your achievements to optimising profiles on professional platforms. We also offer guidance on job search strategies in a fast-changing and competitive job market.

We advise you on developing skills that increase employability. This can include interview training, networking techniques and updating skills relevant to the current market.

We understand the importance of emotional wellbeing during career transitions. We offer emotional support and strategies for managing change, helping people cope with uncertainty with greater confidence, peace of mind and stability.

We facilitate contact with our extensive network of employers and recruiters. We connect professionals in transition with job opportunities that align with their skills and career goals.

At NATIONS GROUP, we believe that every career transition is an opportunity for growth and the discovery of new possibilities. With our Career Transition Programme, we are here to turn those moments of change into opportunities for development and success.

If you would like to send us your CV so that we can include your candidature in the different selection processes we carry out, you can send it to the following e-mail: 

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